So now I have a blog, but I feel like the dog chasing the car: now that I have it, what do I do with it? I guess an introduction is in order.

          I’m Jorja, which I suppose you already know if you’re reading this blog. Two things you should know about me right from the start: I can be very sarcastic and I tend to swear a lot. I am a wife, gardener, amateur photographer, forager, step-mother, -grandmother, and –great-grandmother. I am a servant to a cat and a dog, a birdwatcher, a geek, and a fan of muscle cars. I am a history buff, an avid reader, and a hoarder of books. Oh, and I write romance novels!

          Since the point of this blog is to promote my books, what I will be posting will mainly pertain (in some way) to what I’m writing. Having said that, you should know that I am easily distracted. The result of this may be posts about the big, scary bug I found in my garden, the interesting trip I had to the grocery store, or the really neat clouds I saw this morning. Please just bear with me, I’ll try not to get too off point.

                    Just a quick word about the books: I have two self-published at the moment, working on a third. They are totally different. One is an “epic” historical, the other a quick read contemporary. Be warned: while I don’t consider either of them to be erotica, both have graphic sex.   If you’re into romance novels, great! Check out the books, buy one if it looks interesting, leave me a review if you would like. If you’re not into romance novels, that’s fine, too. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. My hope is that you will still find something interesting here.

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About the Author

Jorja Grael lives on a farm in the mountains of North Carolina with a cat, a dog, and her husband. When not in front of her computer, she gardens and devours books on an alarming scale. With an avid interest in everything from history to zombies to crime scene investigation, she is currently busy parlaying these interests into some sort of romantic fiction. She is the author of To Tame A Rogue Heart and The Rental.

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