Romance and Coffee

Romance and coffee. Because aren’t those the two greatest things on the planet? Well, maybe not in that order! At least, not to me. I am a caffeine addict. There must be coffee before romance, writing, or even walking farther than the kitchen. After the second cup, I’m ready for anything.

It was only after naming this blog that I realized that my addiction carries over into my writing. My characters are coffee fanatics too. Even in To Tame a Rogue Heart, coffee is a staple of life. It may not come before the romance, but this is fiction. I may have predated the wide-spread European consumption of coffee by a few years. The first coffeehouses didn’t appear in England until the mid-1650’s, and wasn’t grown in the Caribbean until the early 1700’s.  In Oxford, a penny got you a cup of coffee and a seat at the table. I can’t help but wonder what those men who frequented the coffeehouses, called “penny universities”, would think of our six dollar lattes.

Is this just a case of art imitating life, or is coffee so ingrained into society that I can’t imagine a world without it? I have no idea, but since I don’t write dystopian sci-fi, I probably won’t find an answer. My characters will still consume loads of coffee, although I may have to deliberately throw in a tea drinker in the near future, just for variety.

And now, I’m off for another cup of coffee!



2 thoughts on “Romance and Coffee

  1. I used to be addicted to coffee (and mentally I still am because, come on, it’s coffee! The smell… The taste… The buzz… Mmmmm) but I was drinking ridiculous amounts of it and quit cold turkey because it was starting to make me sick :/

    Sometimes I can’t resist a delicious Cafe Mocha or an espresso, but I live by one rule;

    No coffee in the house or else I will drink myself to death lol.

    Coffee is a treat now, but tea has become life.


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